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Abridge News tackles news echo chambers by providing our users with quick facts, an opinion spectrum, and reader reactions for trending stories.

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Quick Facts

Each of our topics is introduced with relevant, factual information. We imagine a reader coming across the topic with little to no background context on the story and ask, “what essential information is needed before engaging with opinions?”

Opinion Spectrum

For each topic, we curate four interesting op-ed pieces and sort them on our spectrum based on the op-ed’s content. We don’t sort based on a publication’s reputation. We hand-select every piece we feature and don’t use an algorithm.

Reader Reactions

Our users react to each featured op-ed on our spectrum, choosing statements like “Surprisingly, I agree” or “This doesn’t paint the full picture.” Then, they see reaction results from our full community. No shouting involved.

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  • Laura Carpenter
    CEO & Co-Founder

    Laura Carpenter runs the business side of things. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Mechanical Engineering Degree from Georgia Tech. Outside of Abridge News, she’s a marathon runner and a diehard Carolina Panthers fan!

  • David Byas-Smith
    CTO & Co-Founder

    David is our builder. He does the coding and design work for Abridge News. He holds a Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech. Outside of Abridge News, he loves cooking, photography, and tinkering with new technologies.

  • Kristine Sowers
    Editorial Lead

    Kristine keeps our content fresh on Abridge News. Each day, she leads decisions about which topics to cover and which op-eds to feature. She holds degrees in English and Spanish from Davidson College and was a high school teacher before joining the team.

  • Madi Johnson
    Marketing and Distribution Lead

    Madi Johnson designs and manages our daily email newsletter and spearheads marketing initiatives. She is a junior at Harvard College studying History and Economics

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    Newsletter and Content

    Regina's in your inbox! A recent addition to team, she now writes our daily newsletter. At the University of Notre Dame, Regina studies International Economics and German, and she helps lead both the Varsity Fencing Team and Harmonia A Cappella.

  • Joseph Ratliff
    Content Moderator

    Joseph helps us write our topics and develop new projects. He holds a degree in International Relations from Brigham Young University. Outside of Abridge News, he enjoys discovering new restaurants, keeping up with current events, and taking care of his dog, Hank.

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