It was another busy year for Abridge News!
In 2019 we published over 240 topics that referenced over 800 op-eds.

The majority of our topics were political. From the release of the Mueller Report, to the start of the Democratic Primary, to Impeachment... there was a lot to cover. We don't expect this pattern to change. 2020 has something to say.

Here were the Top 3 most visited topics on Abridge News:

Our readers reacted to op-eds from a wide-variety of publications and authors.

Here were the Top 3 most reacted-to topics on Abridge News:

We examined the % "Agree" reactions across each op-ed for our political topics in 2019, and found that on average, our reaction results had a 19% right-of-center skew.

A peek at our web traffic analytics show that our readership comes from all over the United States. Here are the Top 5 states that visited Abridge News this year:

Over the year we saw some serious growth as a news platform. In March we launched our iOS app which has seen consistent growth.

Thank you for being a part of our Abridge News community in 2019! Our mission is to increase empathy and critical thinking in the world by exploring diverse perspectives - we hope that your interactions with our app, newsletter, and/or website have made it easier for you to understand those who may hold opposing point of views.

In 2019, we added two stellar team members (Regina and Joseph), launched our iOS app, grew our user community, and strengthened our technology. The future is bright, and we hope that you’ll continue with us on our journey. Use the form here to share feedback - it will help us shape our 2020 roadmap!

All the best,

Laura, David, Kristine, Madi, Regina & Joseph

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